Three new book promotions have been added - - please scroll down to the bottom of this page to view [1] Choppertech by Beaver Shaw, [2] Returning to Myself by Linda Smith, and [3] The Search for Puma 164 by Neill Jackson and Rick van Malsen.

The second volume to Geldenhuys Genealogy has now also been added - only limited copies are available to the general public. The book is titled "VOLUME 2", in order to differentiate it from Volume 1.

Rhodesian Air Force Operations

$ 46.00 USD

This book records the operations of the Rhodesian Air Force. It includes a log of over 1100 airstrikes carried out as well as maps where most of these strikes have been meticously plotted. The maps are printed in full colour. There are numerous black and white photographs that illustrate the text.

John Dovey – Just Done Productions

Group Captain Tol Janeke writes in the introduction:
"... He has painstakingly and methodically recorded the history, not only of the airmen who were privileged to fly the aircraft involved in the air strikes, but so many others. 

... Here are the names of soldiers, policemen and internal affairs, men and women who added to the often unheralded courage behind the exciting story of these air strikes. The troops on the ground and those that flew in our aircraft with us, some of whom hated leaving their own familiar environment on the ground and in the bush. .....

To those historians and collectors of militaria, this book is one that fills in much detail. 

....... It shows how operations started slowly and built up to a situation where virtually the entire country became involved. The mass of little numbered dots on the maps shows the position of widespread strikes in all the operational areas."  


Geldenhuys Genealogy

$ 30.00 USD

Albert Barends Gildenhuizsen is the 'Stamvader' of the Geldenhuis, Gildenhuis and Geldenhuys families in South Africa. He arrived at the Cape of Good Hope in 1661, working as a 'boer kneg' on several well-known Cape farms, returning to the Netherlands to collect his wife Margaretha Hoefnagels, to settle permanently in Africa.

Barend Geldenhuijs purchased the Cape Governer Willem Adriaan van der Stel's winefarm "Vergelegen" (in present day Somerset West) at the auction - Lot No 4 -in 1709.

This genealogy listing covering 12 generations during the past 350 years is perhaps the most comprehensive ‘Geldenhuys’ listing yet published.


Rhodesian War Casualties

$ 32.00 USD

Lists the Roll of Honour of the Rhodesian Security Forces. The book also summarises the three aircraft crash sites found in Mozambique by Bob Manser, and the two helicopter crash sites found by Rick van Malsen - at Mapai and Barragem.

The book is published in A4 format as well as A5.

The forward is by Rhodesian historian, Dr JRT Wood

A list of Zanla and Zpra war casualties are now also being compiled (despite the unlikely outcome of accurate records).


Nickel Cross

$ 21.50 USD

This is the authors biography who takes up the family history, where his grandfather had left off - after having fought in the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902. The authors father served in the South African Air Force during World War II - defeating the Italians in East Africa. The authors service during the Rhodesian War 1865-1980 is covered, as is his second career with board manufacturer Masonite - culminating in his visit to the USA, Cape Canaveral and Disneyland.


Rhodesian Memorials

$ 22.20 USD

This is the colour supplement to the Rhodesian War Casualties book (for both the large A4 sized and the smaller A5 sized editions). It contains 24 pages, with 60 images in full colour.

Tables emphasize the 38 Air Force casualties, and the 41 aircraft that were shot down or lost during the War.

Rhodesian historian Dr JRT Wood wrote "The cry down the generations of 'Lest we forget' rings even more poignantly for the survivors of Rhodesia, many of whom are so far from home and whose country lives only in their memories. If those memories are not captured and published, Rhodesian society will disappear, forgotten. Time passes so rapidly. Already a child born in 1980 is 30 years old and has no direct experience of Rhodesia."


Rhodesian War Casualties and Air Force Memorials

$ 26.18 USD

This Rhodesian Roll of Honouris the most comprehensive yet published as at 2009, and includes a Book of Remembrance of civilians killed as a result of the Rhodesian War 1965 - 1980. The book is essentially in three parts:

  • Roll of Honour (military and civilian)
  • Aircraft shot down or lost on operations (including the search for and finding burial places in Mozambique)
  • Local and foreign memorials

Dr Richard Wood wrote "In this and his other books, Prop Geldenhuys supplies not just information of where the memorials are, where names of the lost are to be found, but he has inspired others to join him in seeking out aircraft crash sites in Mozambique and solving orther mysteries. The record can never be complete, but, with the aid of the indefatigable Prop, many gaps in it are filled. His consolidation of the rolls of honour, compiled from many sources is of value in itself. Certainly what he has provided will be mined by historians henceforth."


The Anglo-Boer War diaries of Jan Geldenhuys

$ 19.64 USD

The watermark of this Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 book shows the "Stamouers" (ancestors) of Jan Geldenhuys and Lizzie Preller.

The author is the grandson of Jan and Lizzie Geldenhuys.

My grandmother, Lizzie, full name Anna Elizabeth, documented her "Die Oorlogsherinneringe van Lizzie Geldenhuys" in April 1954, and lodged it with the Womens Museum in Bloemfontein, Orange Free State.



Rhodesian Air Force Operations (Lulu edition)

$ 18.12 USD

This smaller size, black and white, soft cover edition is printed and distributed by, USA based but with printing and despatch also made from Australia and France.

This edition was originally intended as an E-pub, but also converted to a printed edition in order to satisfy market demands.

The E-pub edition is nearly as popular as the demand for the printed edition


Operation Miracle

$ 29.00 USD

A Rhodesian Air Force Hunter and Canberra was shown down in Mozambique during the Rhodesian War in 1979. The bodies of the aircrews were never recovered, having been buried in unmarked graves. Bob Manser returned 30 years later to find and plot the aircraft crash sites. He recovered remnants of the Hunter and Canberra aircraft, and made a fitting memorial to commemorate an event, which both the Rhodesian and Zimbabwe governments failed to do.

Anglo-Boer War diaries of Jan Geldenhuys

$ 18.00 USD

This short family story describes the major battles on the Western Front at the start of the 1899-1902 Anglo-Boer War. The authors grandfather was captured by the British and banished to India, while my grandmother was interned in Concentration Camps.

An accurate account of the Indian prisoner-of-war camps, on a daily basis, was diarised by the authors grandfather, Jannie Geldenhuys.

Jan Geldenhuys was called up in October 1899 to serve in the Kroonstad Commando under Commandant Martinus Schoeman on the Western Front and deployed for the Siege of Kimberley. He fought at the Battles of Belmont, Graspan, Twee-Riviere (Modder River), Magersfontein and several other minor skirmishes.

He was captured in April 1902 [a mere two months before the end of the war] and banished as a prisoner of war to Umballa, India, where his experiences till Thursday, 20th November 1902, were documented. He shared a tent with his father-in-law and later met up with his father and brother who were POW’s at Bhimtal. His diaries, written in high-Dutch, are lodged with the Anglo-Boer War museum in Bloemfontein. The author’s grandmother, Lizzie Preller, having published her “Oorlogsherinneringe”, provided the motivation and inspiration to research and to add this addition to African history. Jan Geldenhuys and Lizzie Preller were buried on Rustpan, the family farm between Bothaville and Kroonstad in the Orange Free State.

The author followed his grandfather and father’s footsteps and joined the military - serving as a pilot for the duration of the Rhodesian War. Like his grandparents, he has published his war experiences.


The life story of Francois Daniel Malan, born Lichtenburg, Transvaal, South Africa in 1907, died Vereeniging 1988, has been published verbatim in the series of Geldenhuys Genealogy books. The handwritten manuscript was presented to his youngest son (named after his father) when Francois Jnr turned 50 years old.

F.D. Malan was one of ten brothers who grew up in the western Transvaal town of Lichtenburg. Life in the early 1900's was difficult, with most of the boys having interrupted education, and not finishing school. They were required to herd cattle and help with all the farming chores. Extra income was earned pegging diamond claims for other more affluent families.

Francois Daniel Malan married Aletta Magdalena Sussanna le Rouw. They had six children - 3 daughters and 3 sons.

The youngest daughter, Susanna Catharina (Rina) Malan married Preller Matt Geldenhuys.



Rhodesian Memorials

$ 18.50 USD

This is the colour supplement to 'Rhodesian Casualties' A4 and A5 sized books.

This book is a comprehensive RHODESIAN ROLL OF HONOUR † 1965 to 1980 † It is but one of the many that lay claim to being the most up to date list yet published. It may not be complete but it is not the content that matters, but more so those brave souls who gave their lives so that we may live. The input of Dr JRT Wood, pre-eminent expert in Rhodesian history, is greatly valued, in the compilation of the Roll of Honour and writing the forword to the A4/A5 Casualties books .


Roll of Honour - Rhodesia / Zimbabwe

$ 30.00 USD

Price has not yet been firmed up.

The writer estimates that the Rhodesian War, and its aftermath, claimed in excess of 50,000 dead in Angola, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The longer it takes the respective governments to publish its own records, the longer it is going to take historians to determine more accurate casualty numbers.

The book is still 'work in progress' - and printing will only commence once orders exceed twenty in number. However, the author intends publishing his Zanla and Zpra listings on the John Dovey website (refer Just Done Productions Publishing).



$ 50.00 USD

Beaver Shaw served as the technician / gunner on Numbers 7 and 8 Squadrons of the Rhodesian Air Force during the final stages of the Rhodesian War that ended in 1980.

His collection, but more so his actual recollection, makes for fascinating reading for anybody interested in the study, research, and discovery of Rhodesian history from somebody who experienced the horrors and joys of fighting for one's life.

Pamela Cawood, or better known as Mimi, has been the driving force to get Choppertech published. 

The book can be ordered by contacting Mimi on her Facebook wall, or phoning Polokwane 152964730 / cell 829355000 or e-mail address


Returning To Myself - - by Linda Smith

$ 26.00 USD

During a bone-throwing ceremony, famed Sangoma, Dr Credo Mutwa ordered Linda Smith to impart her knowledge and wisdom to the world.

Returning to Myself details events surrounding Linda’s youth in Central Africa. This story begins with the outbreak of the Congo war on 11 July 1960, and tells of unbearable chaos, suffering and the bloodshed of millions of people; those who lost not only their homes, but also their country. It tells of the adventurous lives enjoyed by those who lived in the Rhodesias, the destabilization and break-up of the Federation of Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland, and the subsequent demise of these three countries.

It details the removal of the Ba Tonka tribe in the Zambezi Valley, Operation Noah, and the construction of the Kariba Dam wall. Tales of adventure, superstition, witchcraft, and ignorance are told in a most humane way.

Returning to Myself also looks at conditional relationships, business conduct, the indoctrination of religion, politics, education and societal programming. Drawing from her experiences, observations and wisdom, Linda offers alternatives and a higher way of being and teaches the art of becoming a good human being. This offers the possibility of complete self-healing.

Linda’s writing leads the readers to the ultimate teachings that are of supreme merit, and offers humanity the possibility of awakening to full consciousness and respond to their highest calling of returning to their true Self.

E-Mail Linda Smith -

and website: 


The Search for Puma 164

$ 50.00 USD

Co-Author Neill Jackson advises "Our book has just been released and is currently being distributed to bookstores around South Africa.

It is also available directly from the publisher's website;

For overseas buyers, it can be ordered from and

We sincerely hope that you will appreciate this tribute to the brave men who died on Puma 164.


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