About Us

I am Paeroa based specializing in the supply of self-authored 'Print-on-Demand' (POD) books and conduct research into Geldenhuys Genealogy.

The book alongside is my best-seller, with copies sent to Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. It sells for R320 plus postage and packaging.

South African editions are now out of print, and only a few remain available in New Zealand. Contact the author at e-mail address: prop@peysoft.co.za 

Technology favours an increasing popularity for e-books (also Kindle) publications, which are much cheaper than traditional hardcopy books. Future demand will determine whether this form should be persued more rigorously.


Book printing is done by Just Done Productions Publishing in Durban, South Africa AND also by Lulu.com in USA, America. Lulu also prints in France and Australia.

The above, Lulu.com printed edition, is much cheaper (discounted)

The Thornhill Magazine is available as:-

  • A hardcover, full colour edition at $61.42 plus P&P
  • A printed soft cover edition at $10.00 plus P&P (discounted by 60% from normal list price).
  • A FREE electronic publication (E-pub)

The link for the Thornhill Magazine, printed by Lulu is:-


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