New Releases include:

      • Anthology - Hauraki Christian Writers' Guild
      • World War II Diaries of ACFP Geldenhuys
      • William Paterson Jelley
      • James Cook and Samuel Marsden
      • Two Angels


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Lists the Rhodesian war 1965 to 1980 Roll of Honour, with emphasis of Rhodesian Air Force airmen killed in battle.

Civilians, farmers, Viscount crews and passengers, SAAF, SAP and SADF casualties are also mentioned - as is the odd ZIPRA and ZANLA combatants.

I is believed that total casualties in this Southern African conflict would number in the region of 50,000 souls.

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It is the revised / updated historical account of Operation Miracle and specifically A tribute to Three Bold Airmen killed in action.

Two Angels by Robyn Napier will be launched by December 2014. She testifies to her miraculous recovery from a horrific road accident in her youth. Inspired by her father, with dedicated caring by her mother, Robyn succeeds in overcoming all obstacles.

Bereavement by John Milne is a collection of unsophisticated real life experiences of that which lies in the pathway of all of us somewhere, sometime.

New Release for 2014

Bereavement by John Milne and Two Angels by Robyn Napier

Against All Odds by George Wrigley

George says:-

For all ex Rhodies, Zimbos and other enthusiasts interested in exciting aviation and military stories.  

You will enjoy reading the book, “Against All Odds”.

It contains forty-five stories and over 200 pictures, which give snapshots of a fun filled and adventurous flying career. They describe heart-stopping episodes, narrow escapes from disaster, aircraft accidents, foolhardy escapades and vivid descriptions of fascinating characters along the way.

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 Volume 2 is the "research" part of the book, listing generations, relationships, detailed and abbreviated genealogies and provides a very comprehensive index.

This Volume 2 was released at Christmas 2011, with copies going to all our grandchildren in New Zealand. Thereafter, copies were distributed to close family in South Africa. Additional copies were also sent to relatives abroad.

Distant relatives and interested persons can order books via the author by NEW e-mail

 Intermarriages with the Botha, Brink, De Waal, Dippenaar, Howard, Jelley, Malan, Moodie, Preller, van Aardt - and many, many other families provides fascinating history during the 12 generations going back to the early 1600's.